Flight Tales II - ADRENALINE

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A thrilling mission pack that you are now about to enter. 16 missions full of challenging flight scenarios, breath-taking effects, stunning scenery, unique aircraft and verything you would expect from a product called ADRENALINE.


After long consideration and trying to find time between the development of several award-winning scenery addons, we finally sat down and tried to think of missions and scripts that would deserve to be called ADRENALINE. The result is the mission pack you are now about to enter: 16 missions full of challenging flight scenarios, breath-taking effects, stunning scenery, unique aircraft and everything you would expect from a product called ADRENALINE. We had a lot of fun creating those missions, and we sure spent a lot of time on developing them. All we can hope is that you share the fun and spend as much time trying to succesfully finish them as we spent making them as difficult as they are. Now fasten your seat belts and enjoy the show!

Get a 'quick' peak below:

Flight Tales II - ADRENALINE

- 16 brand new, exciting missions for FSX
- Feel your ADRENALINE pumping in flight situations you've never seen before!
- New Sim-Objects, including: Bell 222 helicopter, MaxxThrust rocket car, 2,500hp powerboat, base-jump suit, jet pack, parachute and more!
- Several detailed AI models: Icebreaker, scientific submarine, WWII submarine, military trucks/tanks, helium & hot air balloons,...
- New/enhanced scenery of Singapore, Salar de Uyuni (Bolivia), Cochrane (Chile), Cave of Swallows (Mexico), Yonphula (Bhutan), Tezpur (India), Zhangjiajie (China) and more exciting locations
- Never seen before features like in-game videos, underwater action, boat racing, dog-fights, base jumping and many more!
- Breathtaking special effects and spectacular sound environment
- Professional dialogs, sound and music recordings
- Detailed manual and mission briefings
- More than 100 (!) individual rewards/achievements
- In short: Hours and of hours of ADRENALINE-fueled game action and fun without limits!

Mission List:

- Introduction: Get familiar with the FTII world and see how these new missions work
- Beyond The Ice: Rescue a team of scientists in the perpetual ice of the Antarctica - and prepare for the unthinkable...
- Crucial Extraction: In a country far away, extract a team of peacekeepers while getting caught in the crossfire of two opposing armies
- Grand Canyon Air Race: Compete in the ultimate air race through the world-famous Grand Canyon and beat several (AI) opponents to win the trophy!
- Grand Canyon Air Race - Qualifying: Of course, before competing, you have to qualify first!
- Heavens Gate: ADRENALINE at its best: Spread your arms and soar through a mountain (!) at the world's best base-jump location, Tianmen Mountain, China
- Heavy Crafter: Use the heavy Merlin helicopter to assemble a cablecar pillar up in the Swiss mountains - an extremely difficult job for top pilots only!
- Sonic Boom: Reach Mach 1 to break both, the sound barrier and the record for the fastest car ever, with the 17,000BHP MaxxThrust rocket car!
- Singapore Air Taxi (SPAT): Be a helicopter taxi pilot in the famous metropolis and build your career, flying VIP passengers all across the city state
- Strictly Legal: The bastard is back! Accompany a 'friend' you met years ago in Peru (see Flight Tales I - Peruvian Rain) in a bring-and-collect mission that might question your moral integrity...
- Swallowed: Be the first man to actually fly a helicopter into one of the biggest caves on Earth! Lots of Adrenaline in this never-done-before mission!
- The Dive: Probably a familiar story these days: Ascend to the edges of the stratosphere and jump down, using a jet pack and a parachute to return to Earth in style
- Top Shot: Perform a fighter training with the new ADRENALINE Lock-On technology that enables you to actually lock onto the training targets!
- Tough Comeback: Your return from the Patagonian Ice Field after a weekend on the glacier is much more than a Birthday Surprice - it's a fight against the forces of nature...
- Twisted Prediction: Take radar images of a building storm with potential tornados, and prepare yourself for a weather phenomenon you have never, ever seen in Flight Simulator!
- Uberpower: For the first time ever, compete in a Flight Simulator race - on water! Control your ADRENALINE as you compete against tough opponents in a powerboat race on Lake Maggiore, Switzerland

Data sheet

Microsoft Flight Simulator X with Acceleration Pack installed, or Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition
Operating System
Windows XP, Windows VISTA, Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit recommended)
GPU Requirements
3D Graphics Card with min. 1GB memory
CPU Requirements
3,0 GHz processor (Dual Core processor recommended)
Data size
Download Size: 1.37 GB Installation Size: 1.7 GB
Release Date