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1. I have previously bought your products though another vendor, what do I need to do?

If you have purchased any of the add-ons listed below from another vendor, then you are entitled to a free 'upgrade'. Your vendor will be able to supply the new updated installers free of charge, through your customer account.

To ensure that the update will be installed correctly, please make sure to un-install any previous version of the software. 

Then, please run our FSDG installers and use the serial key provided. 

Previous versions:

-Aerosoft Djerba X or simmarket FSDG-Djerba X 

-Aerosfot Oresund or simmarket FSDG-Oresund 

-Aerosoft Sharm El-Sheikh 2012 or simmarket FSDG-Sharm El-Sheikh 2012

-Aerosoft Heraklion X

-Aerosoft Kastellorizo-The Aegean Pearl

-Aersooft Thessaloniki X 

-Aerosoft Ayers Rock X

2. How do I install your add-on products?

The installation of our products is a straight-forward process. Upon purchase, you will receive a unique personalised serial key. Our wizard installers will request this serial key for validation and will guide you through the process of installation.

3. Do I need to buy separate versions for each simulator platform?

Each product comes with a triple/quadruple installer that lets you choose between all different simulator platforms.

The curretly supported platforms are :

  1. 1.Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (where available-please see each product's page for compatibility information)
  2. 2.Microsoft Flight Simulator X
  3. 3.Microsoft Flight Simulator X:Steam edition
  4. 4.Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v3
  5. 5.Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D v4

4. Why do I still see the default scenery after installation?

Sometimes, the automatic scenery registration process might fail, and therefore the add-on might not be activated in the Simulator library.

First, make sure to run the installer using 'administrator' rights. Second, if that still fails you will have to follow the manual scenery activation process as outlined below:

1. Run FS9, FSX, or P3D

2. Navigate to Settings-->Scenery library

3. Press 'Add Area' 

4. Navigate to our FSDG folder (located in Flight Simulator/P3D root folder) and locate the add-on of interest (i.e. FSDG-Kastellorizo)

5. Double click the folder i.e. FSDG-Kastellorizo

6. Press OK and then again OK to reload the scenery library

**when using 64-bit Window systems: 

1. Run FS9, FSX, or P3D

2. Navigate to Settings-->Scenery library

3. Press 'Add Area' 

4. Navigate to our FSDG folder and locate the add-on of interest

5. Double click the folder i.e. FSDG-Kastellorizo

6.  Press OK once

7. Point the mouse within the folder and right-click. The area should now be added normally in the scenery library.

**for multiple entries (i.e. Thessaloniki) the order in the scenery lirbary should always be in the numbered order of the the folder structure. For example:

1.FSDG- Thessaloniki_1

2.FSDG- Thessaloniki_2_scenery

3.FSDG- Thessaloniki_3_LC

5. How can I remove your add-ons?

To uninstall our add-on sceneries you will need to first delete the relevant entries from your simulator scenery library. This can be simply done by accessing the scenery library from within FS9/FSX/P3D panel.

If you wish to also remove all files associated with the product, you will need to run the uninstaller for the prodcut you wish to remove from your hard drive. All uninstallers will appear in your windows Start menu-->All Programs-->FSDG folder

6. Why are your products separated between Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, or Microsoft Flight Simulator X/P3D ?

When a product belongs to the category Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004, it means that the earliest platform that this product is compatible with, is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. All products that belong in this Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 categorry will be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X (including Steam Edition) and Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D.

Please note that all our products are, by default, compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator X(including Steam Edition) and Prepar3D. 

Please also make sure you always check at each product's data sheet (located in product page) mentioning compatibility.

7. Are your products compatible with Prepar3D?

All our products are compatible with the latest version of Prepa3D (currently v4). Should a new version of Prepar3D become available, we will always update our prodcuts to ensure compatibility with the latest version.

8. Are your products running in DX10 ?

Yes. All our products are compatible with the DX10 preview mode of FSX, given that Steve's DX10 Scenery Fixer, a 3rd party Addon, is being used and setup correctly.

For more information please visit: Steve's DX10 scenery fixer

9. How can I improve performance of your add-ons?

We always aim to achieve a smooth and fast performance for our scenery add-ons. To obatin best results, please follow the detailed settings advice we offer through each product's manual.

Additionally, you can make use of the FSDG-Scenery Configurator which offers some options to improve performance and memory (VAS) management. For more details, please visit here: FSDG-Scenery Configurator

For any furher assistance with performance problems, please visit our FSDG forums

10. How can I buy your products?

Each product page has a 'buy now' link which will direct you to the online payment process gateway. Our ordering system is powered by esellerate and offers an ultra secure environment for payment, as well as offering after-purchase support for your donwload and serial key registration.  

11. Can I get a refund?

Yes. We will issue refunds if your puchase has been made within 30 days and there is evidence of a problem that we cannot help resolve.

12. How can I get some additional help?

You can always contact us directly via the contact form on this website, of oppenly discuss any problems with fellow simmers and support team at our online dedicated FSDG forums

13. Can I get in touch with FSDG?

Of course. Please use the contact form of this website, or drop us an email at